Clickbank affiliate marketing article for beginners. By the end of this article, you’re going to discover how you can make affiliate sales now when you understand these steps, these strategies, as well as these tactics.

Now some of you might know Clickbank is the world’s largest affiliate marketplace for digital products. And over a decade ago, this was where I marketed My World of Warcraft product.

 If you know my story, this is what gave me the belief that promoting products, selling products, and making money online was possible.

And today, I want to share with you what it is that you can do right now. Things that I wish somebody told me a decade ago. All right, so right now, I am going into Clickbank, and inside this platform, you will see that there’s a lot of different categories.

And Clickbank is like Amazon for digital products. Now inside this marketplace, you’ll see that there are many different categories. There’s like arts and entertainment, as seen on TV, gambling, business, computers, cooking.

So let’s say I’m looking through this list, and let’s say I have an interest in, let’s say, the weight loss market. And let’s say I’m an absolute nobody; I’m just starting out thinking about how can monetize.


Right now, I’m in the marketplace under health and fitness, and on this page, you’ll be able to see all of the different offers, the products that are being sold on Clickbank, and you’ll see that the numbers are very self-explanatory.

 It says average dollar per sale, which means every time you make a sale, on average, you’ll get paid$114 for this product, $68 for this product. So now I’m looking at all these new products.

Now, the question is, what type of product should you be promoting? If you read my other articles, I always say you got to start with a market, a niche, a category that genuinely interests you.

The same way how I started in the World of Warcraft market, because if you can pick something that genuinely means something to you, then every time you hit a roadblock, a certain struggle, you’ll keep going because most sane ordinary people would quit if they’re doing something that is not meaningful to them.


So as I’m looking at all these different products, so let’s say I want to promote these keto products,  so let’s take this, for example.

 So this I get paid $44 and 91cents per sale, which is okay. However, if you look at this one here, it says average rebill, which is $42 and five cents. Now I was taking a look at this because this is truly how you can make passive income online.

 If you’re promoting somebody else’s product, a huge plus point is yes, it needs to generate value for your audience.

 It needs to be great, a great product, but it needs to pay well. And a big factor does this pay over time, is there a subscription, or some recurring to this?

So average rebill tells me that there’s some subscription, then the next thing is I want to take a look at whether this custom keto diet is a great product.

 So I’m also opening a new tab right now to see what it looks like. And you can see that it takes me to this sales article, an article sales letter that shows me a regular diet versus a keto diet.

 And let’s take a look at the checkout page together. And you can see that it looks like I am going to fill up a little survey here to see what type of offer is going to be customized to me.

So let’s say I want to promote this; another tool that I want to share with you to start showing you different ideas is a third party site.

So this is called And what I love doing is utilizing this marketplace to show me either new products, products that have been gaining traction. And the way I like to take a look at this is a few different metrics.

 Number one is utilizing this thing called gravity. Now gravity thinks of it as like, the numbers that you see here is basically how many affiliates unique affiliates has been promoting this successfully and making a sale in the last 90 days. So the higher this number tells me how well the affiliate has been successfully promoting it.

 There are pros and cons to this. If a number is high, it just means that people sell it well. Yes, but at the same time, there’s a lot of competition for it. So what I like to do is, I like to number one, promote something that is the gravity of at least 50. 50 is a good indication that this product sells well and that this marketer knows how to sell.


 And they’ve got a decent closing rate because there’s no point promoting a product where the marketers have no idea how to sell. So let’s say now, I want to monetize off this sub-niche, which is the keto diet.

 I can tell that sells well, 380 gravity, okay, my initial dollar per sale is about $30. Over here, even though the initial dollar per sale isn’t that high, but remember, there’s still that recurring, so probably they’ve got some upselling, some subscription. The question I want to ask myself is, so how can I strategically promote this and make money now?

Okay, so if let’s say I wanted to promote this keto diet that pays me recurring with a decent $30 upfront, then the next thing I want to do is I want to utilize a site like Quora, which is a site to show you how can you understand what the questions that people are asking are. Right now, you have a solution.

So imagine that the product is a solution and the product, the solution is the keto diet. The question now is, how do you bridge that to the solution? It is about thinking, who are the people that said yes, and then create the bridge because they’re going to buy it anyway.


 When I was in the world of Warcraft market, and back then, when Facebook didn’t exist, the number one social media platform was MySpace.

And my realization was, rather than trying to sell people a World of Warcraft, I asked myself, where are these people hanging out?

And that’s a question you got to ask yourself, where are they hanging out? And that’s what hit me.

 Where they hang out at that time when Facebook didn’t exist was on MySpace, and how do I find them in MySpace?

So MySpace is like the Facebook of, I don’t know, 13, 15 years ago, 13 years ago, yeah. So back then, what I would do is I would look at the people who like and is friends with World of Warcraft on MySpace, so World of Warcraft would have their page in MySpace, so that was my target market.

 If you will take that same analogy here, Quora is like YouTube answers back in the day. Can you imagine right now if the keto diet is the solution? What am I doing right now? I am going to type in the keto diet.

 And now, I am taking a look at all of the questions that are being asked about the keto diet. All these notice hundreds of people, 487 people, who follow that thread because they’re interested in the answer. So can you imagine if you went on Clickbank where you created a free account, and you’ve got this affiliate link, where every time you refer to a sale, they’ll pay you for it?

But now you do it by genuinely helping people by answering their question, and leading them to your link, to your affiliate link.

 But now notice what’s happening? I am beginning with the end in mind. So what we’re doing so far, we have the affiliate product, which is the keto product, and this keto product pays us approximately $35 a sale. So how do we find people who are an easy sell?

Understand something we’re not trying to think about, how can we persuade somebody that is not aware of keto and introduce to them what the keto product diet is, and then try to persuade them from a no to a yes?

That’s a much harder sell. But what if we could target the people that are already aware? They’re aware that this keto thing exists, but maybe they have some questions.

 Maybe they’re doubtful; maybe they don’t know what type of product to buy? But at least now they’re aware.


So how do you find these people, notice what I’m doing? So over here, the first resource that I’m showing you is Quora.

 I’m going on Quora, and I’m asking the people searching for keto to send them to the affiliate link that I’m getting from Clickbank.

Now, this is the free method of doing it. If you want to take things further, the next resource is a free trial, and this is called Ahrefs.

Now, this is a little bit more advanced, and you’re somebody who’s starting with a limited budget, you can go for this free trial for seven days, do all the research you need.

 But notice that what I’m doing here on Ahrefs is, I am doing a quick search where I’m typing in the keyword, the keto diet under Right now, what I’m telling Ahrefs is, help me search all of the people searching for keto diet in Quora.

So right now, I can see all of the links to what people are searching for. And also, I can see the volume, so it gives you these results. Now, what do these results tell you?

It tells you that if you want to be able to look at, for example, this one says, “How many eggs a day on a keto diet should I eat?” You can see that it’s got a pretty decent volume, but most of all, it’s giving you an idea of what are the answers people are looking for concerning this.

 So notice that this question here that’s followed by not a whole lot of people, 20 people, “How many eggs per day can a person eat on the keto diet,” okay?

So now this answer here, that’s number one out of 16 answers, has seven upvotes. Now what these Quora look at to determine whether it appears on number one? Well, two things the quality of the answer is number one.

 And number two, it would be how many upvotes. Notice that this is a pretty well written thought the answer at a glance; there are images in here. But can you imagine if you did your due diligence, and you started helping these people, and let’s say you’re starting, you want to get a little bit of edge?

 What if you could ask seven friends to go and upvote your answer, and if you don’t have seven friends who would help you do that, you probably have other, you know, bigger problems in life.

 But that being said, so what can you do as well? Notice the use of images; perhaps you could utilize formatting, chunking it down a paragraph, so that’s easier to digest. Because of this, you are now creating content around these threads.

 What you’re essentially doing as well, it is giving you ideas and clarity based on the keywords that people are searching for.

So now that you have the keywords, you can even double down from this and utilize this to help you create content on other platforms as well. Let me show you what they are. The first one would be Pinterest, now Pinterest.

So can you imagine now that you have clarity on the different keywords people are searching for? So what can you do? You can go to Pinterest and type in the keto diet. This is a bajillion list of resources, images that you know converts.


 Why do you know it converts? Because it’s listed on the first page on Pinterest. And on Pinterest, you can see this infographic over here could potentially be a great infographic that you could utilize in terms of your answers to fill either as a reply on Quora.

 Okay, that’s number one to answer what I can eat on a keto diet? Okay, so what if you could create your version of this?

I’m not asking you to copy; I’m asking you to model. Copying is unethical. It’s immoral; it’s not right. I’m asking you to model by understanding it because it converts; what if you could utilize these resources for your answer on Quora? So let’s say if somebody asked a question on Quora saying, “I’m a beginner in keto, what can I eat?” This will be it again if you want to take it one step further.

But let me show you one more before we go back to the whiteboard, is Answer The Public. And now, because I can see all of the questions where to buy keto pills from, where to begin the keto diet? When did it start? Why is the keto diet bad? Why is it good? Why doesn’t it work?


 Why is it helpful? Why is it dangerous? Why are you interested in all these keywords because this tells you the type of content that you could be creating for platforms like YouTube.

So what is YouTube? Think of it as more of a search engine? So can you imagine that right now utilizing these strategies that I’m showing you here, from the question in here, what are these doing? These are showing you the different resources that you could be creating. So from Pinterest, what are you doing from Pinterest?

 Utilizing and getting ideas on what images are proven to work as well as a convert? Are you utilizing YouTube?

 So with YouTube, this is when you are getting ideas based on all the keywords that you’ve gotten from Quora, Answer The Public.

This is how you can start creating content if you choose to, or you could go direct. Straight up replying on Quora. Telling them the answers and now out of all three, if this is the result, then what we’re doing is we are sending people over to our affiliate link.

There are many different ways to send people to your affiliate link; it could be directly replying to Quora.

But if you watched my other articles on this topic, I always said, if you’re not building a list, you’re not building a business.

So the slightly longer route to do when it comes to building an areal business on Clickbank is you still want to capture their details first.

 So what I would recommend is creating content, whether it’s on Pinterest, whether it’s on YouTube, and then send people to a page that belongs to you, that captures the name and email where you give out something for free in exchange for the name and email address.

 So this could be like five uncommon foods in the keto diet for accelerated weight loss. Enter your name and email to discover what these five foods are.

Now, you can have a follow-up process via email because now this belongs to you. This is an asset that you can repeatedly promote, either keto diets, either dieting plans, weight loss products, whatever it might be, to help them get that result.


That is when in your emails, you could promoting this affiliate offer. And that is the big picture of how you can utilize these resources, promote Clickbank products, and genuinely help people.

By the way, I would love to know your number one struggle in the online world right now so that I can create future articles just like this one to help you get to that next level.

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