‘The ‘Dreamland Skardu’ series continues, but today, I will take you on the first tour of the ‘An Amazing Naran‘ series. Naran is the most popular tourist point in Pakistan for many reasons, a few of which follow. There are beautiful places like Kaghan, Shogran, and Supit in Naran Pakistan. Along with Saif ul Malook, there are also many beautiful lakes. Green meadows and dense jungles like Sharan are also part of Naran. The highest peaks, like Nori and Babusar are also in Naran because the mighty Kunhar River also flows with its high mountains.

The main part of the road leading to Naran Pakistan is in excellent condition. All this beauty separates Naran from other tourist attractions. That is why Naran Pakistan becomes a popular tourist destination and one feels like visiting it over and over again. As always, but I will begin my journey from the capital Islamabad.

Naran is 282km away from Islamabad. You have both public and private transportation. A private car charges from PKR 8000 to 9000 if you arrive in Mansehra by public bus but the private car will take you to Naran from there with PKR 2500 to 3500. Coaster and Hiace take Balakot for PKR 250 to 300. From Balakot to Naran, the local Hiace or bus will charge PKR 150 to 200. Most tourists use their cars as the road is beautiful. We arrived in Naran last night but now we are ready to go. I am ready for Saif ul Malook and my son Rasil. Rasil, are you happy with Seif ul Malook? Yes, he is very happy.


It will take an hour to reach and 45 minutes to get back. It is 10 a.m but we will leave at 10:30 to close the road and see the works in Saif ul Malook. What are you going to do there, Rasil? Tell us something. You have to walk up the mountains to reach the lake of Saif ul Malook. Naran begins to look like a remote village because even if you get to Naran by car, you have to rent a jeep at the lake. Saif ul Malook is about 13km from Naran. 6km carpet road, remaining jeep track.

The Jeep takes you to the lake for about 50 minutes. Don’t risk your car, a jeep is the best option but you can easily rent a jeep for PKR 2000 to 2500. The locals are trying to fix a bad piece of road on their own. You are not obliged to pay them because they are there to help you. The episode was in a very bad state. That’s why they fixed it. People give them PKR 100 or 50 as a salary.


This is the 7km jeep track I was talking about. As you can see, this route is dangerous and aggressive and can cause problems for your car and your driver. I came here after 2 years, and a lot of changes have taken place. A large hotel has been built here. You can spend the night here. A large mosque is also here. It’s just the season, and the rush of people can look great to you, but it’s less than usual.

You can’t find a place to stand where I am now. I have to go ahead and take some good pictures. We will ask about the boat. Mules and horses are available to take you to the lake. If you are an adult or do not want to travel, they will send you PKR 200 to 300. Lake Saif ul Malook is 10,578 meters above sea level. Ice pool. There are a hotel and an overnight tent. The laundry room is available. You can also enjoy boating and horseback riding and can also do some shopping.

The lush green mountains behind the lake and the blue waters make spells for visitors. It looks equally amazing in summer and winter. They cover themselves with a series of snowflakes and mountains nearby. In the cities, you get such a sky and clouds once or twice a year.


That cloudy mountain is Malka Parbat. He is famous and only one. Many stories about this mountain have spread everywhere as they have never been climbed, fairies and giants live there. I do not think so. Everest Mountain, Nanga Parbat, K-2, Killer Mountain rises to a depth of more than 6,000 feet [6000 m]. Boating is scheduled. Usually, I do not support sailing, but they have life jackets. Let’s go, dear. He is our sailor. You get half a circle for PKR 500 and complete a circle for PKR 1000. It is good that the life jackets for the whole boat. You don’t wear them but for emergencies. A man was selling Qahwa. Nguju Qahwa in PKR 50. The man explains his process of preparing Qahwa.

He then handed over the Bandar Abbas Cave. Many countries have closed plastic bags. Islamabad is also one step away from other cities. They are also covered with plastic. You eat chips or drink a bottle and throw that bottle where that bottle or wrap remains there for hundreds of years. We have to throw our trash in it; it’s everywhere. Seif ul Malook is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. Great picnic point, 13km from Naran.

The good thing is that the jeep brings you here; you don’t need to cover the track. Malka Parbat is always covered with clouds. Snow does not last all year. Most of the ice has melted. Little snow is still there on the mountain waves until June, July, but it ends in August, so everything is green. Now I will go far.


Cloudy weather will help me to take good pictures. Now I find a place, and I will share photos with you. The seller sells his product. Are you listening? Fish claws are also included. You can go to Lake Ansu from Saif ul Malook. You have to go with the guide, it takes about 4 hours, and you have to come back before 5 p.m.

The old man tells the story. An exciting legend has been attached to the lake of Saif ul Malook. The famous Punjabi Suif poet Muhammad Muhammad Bukhsh composed it in a long poem. You see people talking about this here. We visited Saif ul Malook, and now we are back. How was Seif ul Malook, Rasil? I will go to Naran and spend the evening on the river.

We went to a hotel in Naran Pakistan and are now 3 miles [3 km] from Naran in a rafting area. The river rafting ends here you can find tea, burger and samosa .

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