The journey to beautiful Naran is about to start. I’ve reset the odometer. I’ll share everything about the journey. The journey from Faisalabad to Khunjerab pass of 1047 kilometers starts from M-4. Previously its name was M-3.

Through this motorway, we connect Faisalabad with Multan in the south. and we connect with Islamabad in the North. We can also travel to Lahore through it. As you can see, there used to be a toll here. It’s no more functional.

Our today’s journey is 560 kilometers long. The majority of it will be on the motorway. So I will mostly skip or fasten its speed, sit back and watch the whole exciting journey.

 If you turn right, you’ll move towards Lahore. And on left, you’ll access Islamabad, Peshawar, and the whole of Northern Pakistan. As you can see the map hasn’t been updated so it says M-3. It has been named M-4. Now we’re on M-2.

The part of the motorway that is between Lahore and Islamabad is M-2. And from Islamabad to Peshawar is M-2. on M-2, we pass above the river Chenab. It has a famous story of Sohni Mahiwal.


I’ll share the summary with you. Sohni was a young lady who lived in a village near Chenab. Mahiwal was a King(Some say prince) He once came here for some business. And they both met and fell in love. But Sohni’s family rejected the idea of their marriage. Sohni was forced to marry someone else.

But they still met each other. To meet Mahinal, Sohni used to cross the whole river Chenab In a large tub. Which could float on water. But one day her family found out and the secretly made some holes in the tub. Sohni was drowning, but Mahiwal also jumped into Chenab to save her. And they both died in each other’s love.

 People who travel between Lahore, Faisalabad, and Islamabad, they all mostly stop for a break in the Bhera Services area. Because in the past few years, it has been developed a lot.

There are many international food chains. Franchises like Hardees Rahat bakers, KFC, a Pakistani franchise Simply Sufi, Salt’s Pepper, and McDonald’s as well. And on both sides of the Bhera services areas, the same franchises are present.


Many tourists who travel to Pakistan They used to complain that washrooms are not tidy in service areas. Hascol initiated this and they made paid washrooms where 50 rupees are charged for these clean and well-maintained washrooms.

And these are air-conditioned. With washrooms, executive shower rooms are there as well. Their charges are 300 rupees. Let’s visit them. They’re really neat and clean. If you’re traveling long, ie. you’re coming from Peshawar or Abbottabad or Mansehra and heading south, to freshen up this is the best place. Absolutely hygienic.

We’re crossing the river Jhelum. It’s 725 km long and it starts at Srinagar. In India. Wular lake is the starting point And its flow is controlled in that region. After crossing Bhera and river Jhelum, the series of mountains it’s called the Potohar plateau.

Its elevation is from 350 m to 575m. The Khewra salt mines present, you must’ve visited it. It’s the world’s second-largest and Pakistan’s largest salt mine. After crossing Islamabad toll plaza, after some distance, I mean after 30 minutes we will turn towards Hazara Motorway. This is the point where CPEC connects with the old M-1.


The motorway between Islamabad and Peshawar is M-1 As you saw the signboard of Abbottabad, Haripur, and Mansehra. This road, the double lane will be made till Gilgit Baltistan soon.

It has been constructed till Mansehra. A very important part of CPEC is the Abbottabad tunnels. Because we are, since 2009, traveling to Gilgit Baltistan, the most difficult part in KPK was between Hassanabdal and Mansehra.

I mean between Hassanabdal and Mansehra and then between Abbottabad and Mansehra. It’s unpredictable. If you’re going through KKH, I mean the old road to Gilgit. There’s a lot of traffic.

 There are a lot of factories on that road. Even if there’s night or day, many people travel on KKH. After construction of these tunnels, almost, 4 to 5 hours of journey, is lessened. Now lesser traffic is visible, and double lane road is made.

It will only take 1 hour to cross Abbottabad and Mansehra. The service area is under construction, if you wish to eat at McDonald’s then the first board saying Mansehra turns towards it.

You’ll move towards Abbottabad. After 3 km, McDonald’s will be at your right. Only 3 km of distance will be covered towards Abbottabad to eat McDonald’s if you wish to.


The Kaghan valley is famous because one road turns towards Naran, *CORRECTION: Shogran’s turn is in Kiwai, it’s some distance behind Kaghan* There’s a mountain ‘Makra’. It’s really famous.

 Many tourists go there in winter. They do snow trekking. Many springs are present between Kaghan and Naran. Many glaciers are visible. Only those tourists see then who goes there at the start of summer. Because they gradually meltdown.

After Kaghan you will see Chinese settlements for the Sukki Kinari Hydropower project Some dams will be built here. 870 MW of electricity will be produced. It will be completed in 2023.

The river above which we have passed its name is Kunhar river. This river starts in Babusar top. Then it runs into the River Indus. The cottage present on the other side It’s famous with the name ‘Summer house’ from a Pakistani drama Ye Dil Mera.

Many scenes were shot here. If we talk about hotels in Naran many hotels are good to stay in. Millennium Inn hotel in Northern Naran I’m staying here, it’s a very good hotel. Elevator service is present here. I’m staying here for the last 3 years.

If you see over this side the whole market is closed, due to lockdown. Very few tourists are present. This is the Punjab Tikka house that never eats from here.


 There’s a Punjab Tikka house in South that is the real one. The food is good there. Moon restaurant’s food is also good to eat. These jeeps are arriving from Lake Saif ul Maluk. Or from Lalazar, or Babusar top.

If you go straight turn right to go to Saif ul Maluk If left, you go to Lulusar, Babusar, and Gilgit. Let’s visit the hotel. There are a huge lobby and a lift as well There are 4 floors. Many good services are available ie. laundry. You’ll get breakfast as well. It’s neat and clean. Let’s visit their rooms. They open using a key card.

The floors are tiled and no carpet’s smell is there. Double beds, master beds, and suits are available. The washrooms are sterilized. The necessary precautions have been taken. I am Malik Asif. Operational manager, Millennium Inn Naran We have 104 rooms. It’s one of the best in town.

 Our facilities are that we have lifts, capsule and the normal one too. No other hotel in Naran has it. The services we provide are the best. You may ask any of our guests about them. You have suits as well? Yes, we have double beds, triple beds, quads, and suits. We have studio rooms as well.

No matter what is your family size, they can easily adjust. We have absolutely reasonable room rents. You’re here since when? We’re here since 2015. Thank you! Now we’ll show you lake Saif ul Maluk.


Normal sedans cannot travel to the lake. That is why you necessarily need to rent a jeep. This the very famous, lake Saif ul Maluk. It’s 3224 m above sea level. It has several colors. Different colors in the morning and evening. You can see beautiful reflections. We’ve reached Naran after a very long journey.

The road is damaged in between. The motorway was excellent though. From Mansehra where you see the Mansehra sign, turn there the turn right, you may do lunch at McDonald’s there. Then go left from there, to head for Naran. From here we’ll make the next video from Naran to Gilgit and then from Gilgit to Hunza and then from Hunza to Khunjerab Pass. See you again!


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