Power Quadrant Review

Did you realize that the information of who you actually are (and which profession you might truly receive a commission to shine like a star at in this lifetime) isn’t any additional away than your personal DNA – “locked-in” on the precise time you have been born?

Did you realize that this information, which you have been carrying round with you in “code form” from the beginning, solely must be plugged right into a particular calendar to disclose it is secrets and techniques to you in pure kind?

Did you realize that for over 1,750 years folks used the key code inside this calendar for deciphering who they have been and the place their particular skills lay – however that this secret code was misplaced when the Roman calendar was imposed on the “New World”…which is identical one all of us use at this time?

You in all probability did not know all that…however don’t be concerned. Most of us did not!

Why The Missing Code To Your “True Calling”

Has Been Hidden From You Until Now

It’s true…For years, folks used this historical calendar for all the things from figuring out the very best time to plant corn to realizing who they need to marry – however then the Spanish came visiting the ocean of their ships, burning and pillaging, and that is when the outdated stone calendar obtained buried within the earth and the brand new, Roman calendar was made “the law.”

Believe it or not, that is the exact same calendar you now have hanging in your kitchen, which we have all been utilizing for the previous 2,058 years. This Roman calendar is called the Julian Calendar (as a result of they named it after Julius Ceasar! No kidding. It’s the reality).

So what’s the issue with this new calendar?

Here’s the issue: It’s obtained main flaws. You see, not solely does it not include the key code that individuals used to unlock their potential in life, however it truly is lacking a number of days (why we’ve got leap years), ignores a complete cycle of the moon going across the earth, and has obtained the names of the months incorrect!

Ever assume it is sort of unusual that October comes from “octo” (that means “eight”) – when it is truly the tenth month? Well, you are proper! Reason is, when our calendar was first created, the Romans did not even depend January and February as months. The official yr began on March 1st…and there have been solely ten months!

No marvel issues have gotten screwed up…

Including dropping the code you wanted to make use of to uncover your true nature in life together with:

  • Who your soul mate might be
  • What profession you’ll shine at (and take advantage of cash doing)
  • Why it is essential to know what your children’ code is simply too

Of course, you could not have recognized all this earlier than. Almost no one does. But the surprising factor is, what this implies about discovering your true nature and the way it’s been lined up all these years. I’ll clarify in a second (together with one thing fairly creepy involving the quantity 13). But first, this is one thing that’s going to make you extraordinarily blissful:

Decoding Your True Identity (And Starting Your New Life) Takes Just 53 Minutesisten: let’s be sincere right here. Liz and I have never all the time recognized our true natures both – or been working in roles that match us completely – by a protracted shot. You might not imagine this, however…

Way again earlier than we began utilizing this method to make selections about find out how to run our personal firm and the place every of us ought to “fit” into the workflow day-to-day, issues did not all the time move so properly. In reality, typically they have been downright disastrous…

I bear in mind this one time in Scotland after we had a whole meltdown in the midst of a giant firm launch we have been doing…I will not go into the main points, however lets simply say we have been each frantic, our whole household was uprooted with nowhere to stay, and our firm was crashing and burning. At one level, Liz truly ended up throwing all of the plans for our launch into the air and screaming:

“I Can’t Do This Anymore!” 

In the tip, we realized all the things was crashing and burning on us just because Liz was being compelled to do the kind of factor she wasn’t meant to do, in accordance with the code of this historical calendar.

At that time I sat down along with her, took her by the palms, regarded her within the eye and mentioned, “Liz, you don’t have to do this anymore…let’s look back at the code from the calendar and what it says we should do.” And that is when issues began to vary for us.

I’m solely telling you this as a result of I would like you to know we perceive what it is prefer to be horribly sad within the job or position you are in, however really feel like there is no escape… You do not feel like something can change about your state of affairs as a result of:

  • a. Someone has to do all the things you do, proper?
  • b. There’s merely not sufficient time to vary issues
  • c. Where’s the cash going to return from?…

Here’s the excellent news: You do not want some huge cash (it takes lower than $20 in reality), and you do not want plenty of time to seek out out your true nature and begin feeling the distinction at this time. All you really want is your beginning date, your beginning time, and about 53 minutes to hearken to an interesting message all about you…

The Secret Message That Will Change

Your Life Is 53 Minutes Long

After experiencing the large distinction it made in our personal lives, Liz and I mentioned “Ok, we’ve held onto this secret far too long. We’ve got to make this code available to people like us…so they don’t have to spend years tracking it down and deciphering it all like we did!”

So this is what we have accomplished for you at this time.

We’ve spent the previous ten years monitoring down the main points of the code, researching the calendar and find out how to use it, after which testing the code on ourselves and some folks near us (we knew they might maintain it is secrets and techniques whereas they have been being “guinea pigs” for the system – which wasn’t straightforward, contemplating how folks begin asking questions once they see huge adjustments occurring in your life with seemingly no effort in your half!)…

Then we boiled down all the things that basically labored right into a system (we name it the Power Quadrant System) that’s tremendous straightforward to make use of however nonetheless incorporates all the things you’ll want to rapidly “decode” your true nature and begin seeing fast change in your life!

Best of all…

We’ve turned all of it right into a single, easy-listening audio that you may activate, sit again, put your toes up, and absorb whilst you’re sipping a latte (or tea, if that is your factor), and drink in the advantages.

For those that like to put in writing as they pay attention (personally I like maintaining my palms busy) there is a workbook too – however you do not have to try this half should you do not feel prefer it. The important factor is to hearken to the 53 minute message and listen to what it says about you.

Get prepared as a result of…

You Are About To Hear What An Amazing

& Complex Person You Truly Are

Now, first issues first: we did not put any “fluff” or “new-agey mumbo-jumbo” into our report on you and the way your particular code interacts with the world (and other people) round you. After all, we’re speaking in regards to the “code” that was sealed into your DNA the minute you have been born – and now governs all of your actions at this time.

This is way an excessive amount of of an essential message for even a couple of non-essential minutes of recording time. So, that being mentioned…

Here’s just some of the eye-opening revelations that you’ll uncover inside The Message:

  • Whether your present job/profession is the suitable one for you – or not!
  • What sort of labor you have been actually meant to be doing right here on Earth (trace: it is also what makes you are feeling most alive…however it could shock you!)
  • Who your good soul mate could be (everyones codes match up in a different way)
  • What your youngsters’s codes are and why you’ll want to know
  • Who it’s best to keep away from working with in any respect prices (these folks will merely convey you down however you will not know find out how to acknowledge them except you’ll be able to see their codes proper off)
  • Why you retain having the identical annoying arguments along with your “significant other” (and find out how to cease – even when they do not have a clue what you are onto!)
  • Why you should not must do all the things…at residence OR at work
  • What your partner’s secret code is (and the way it strains up with yours)
  • How to get 50% extra accomplished in a day after making 1 easy change
  • What duties individuals are asking you to do now…that you simply should not must!
  • How to seek out the right “superstar” profession made only for you (with out altering a factor about who you might be)
  • What your “special gifts” are (you will be shocked and happy once you uncover a number of you do not even know you have got proper now)
  • Whether somebody can be a superb enterprise accomplice for you – or not.  
  • And a lot, rather more…

But first, Liz and I each have a confession to make:

We Can’t Take All The Credit For The  Power Quadrant System

First of all, we did not uncover this historical calendar and DNA decoder ourselves.

Yes, I do know it is a shock: I imply, would not it’s cool if we instructed you that we found this large spherical stone lined in hieroglyphs whereas bush-whacking via the South American jungle on our newest expedition?…

Can’t you simply see Liz and I decked out in camo pants and pith helmets proper now?

The fact is…

We did uncover the key to the code hidden inside this calendar in a slightly mysterious method (it was at a Retreat fifty miles north of in Houston,Texas) the place we met this white-haired girl sitting on the “verandah” whereas sipping lemon tea, and she or he instructed us…properly, that is a narrative I’ll inform you later). But the stone itself was found within the 1600’s by Spanish Conquistadores.

And it is fairly well-known now, I imply you’ll be able to google it and examine it on-line if you realize precisely the place to look (together with why the quantity 13 is taken into account unfortunate at this time, and why buildings typically haven’t got a thirteenth flooring. It’s as a result of the brand new calendar truly hides the thirteenth moon and pretends there is not one)…

But the wonderful factor about this stone is that it is a massive calendar within the form of a circle. Some folks even already know that. However, what they do not know is find out how to use the calendar to decode the DNA of who they are surely…and what sort of profession they’re completely suited to (it is completely different for everybody).

In order to find that, Liz and I needed to spend actually years finding out how this calendar works, and the system that is imbedded in it that reveals you whether or not you are a pink, blue, yellow, or white. And then, what being a pink, blue, yellow or white actually means. (Hint: should you’re a pink, you should not attempt to work with a blue…and should you’re a blue, you’ll be able to’t stand individuals who do not take note of element…and so forth).

Of course, should you actually wished to sift via the tons of of internet sites on this historical calendar, cross-reference the hundreds of paragraphs that trace at how the colour system works, after which draw up a blueprint for your self, be our visitor 😉 We’re not the one ones who might do it. But…

Like I say, it has taken us 10 years to determine all this out. That’s why we have boiled all of it down and made it tremendous easy for you. After doing all of the analysis…and cross-referencing all the things…and testing it out on ourselves and our closest pals for a couple of extra years…we sat down and put solely what you’ll want to get began now into the 53 minute audio (and easy 7-page workbook) you are about to hearken to.  

Warning! Try Looking This Up Yourself

And You’ll Go C-r-a-z-y

Ok, so you might attempt to actually “reinvent the wheel” and exit looking for the details about this historical stone calendar and the key code hidden inside, monitor down the white haired girl I discussed earlier, after which painstakingly piece collectively a makeshift four-color system your self…

But why go to all that bother after we’ve accomplished all of the footwork for you? I can inform you now, I’ve seen the webpages on this topic and there are actually THOUSANDS of them, most of that are filled with false info and wild theories…

Imagine how a lot simpler it is going to be to simply “press play” and obtain a replica of the 53 minute message that may immediately disclose to you the key hidden in your DNA at beginning till now? This will prevent numerous irritating days of looking for the reality…and since time is cash, you will get monetary savings, too.

I imply, if you concentrate on it – a full eight hours of your time has obtained to be price greater than $17, proper?

Just think about how you will really feel once you…

  • Discover what you have been longing to listen to about your character all these years…
  • Find the right life path based mostly on who you have been at beginning!
  • Enjoy actual, significant relationships with individuals who respect and reply lovingly to you (whereas avoiding those that “steal your energy” and do not help you)
  • Experience the joys and pleasure of realizing your “true calling” beginning at this time…
  • And have that engaging, “shining” confidence of somebody who is aware of precisely who they’re and the place they are going!

BEWARE: Ignoring Your True Purpose In Life Can Lead To A Specialized Type Of Depression

Just in case all this is not a strong sufficient cause to obtain your Power Quadrant System and hearken to your secret message proper now, this is a scary reality from The Oxford Program that it’s best to know:

There is a really particular sort of melancholy known as “Career Depression” that strikes individuals who discover themselves locked into doing work that does not match up with their true goal in life. Take a fast evaluation: should you match any of the factors beneath you might be in peril of creating this debilitating situation…

Ask your self the next questions:

  • Do you ever have nagging doubts about the way forward for your profession?
  • Does your job typically make you are feeling discouraged or depressed?
  • Are you unclear about your profession targets or future (and sad consequently?)
  • Is a way of pleasure or ardour fully lacking out of your work?

If you answered “yes” to a number of of those questions, then you could must take the indicators of Career Depression very severely. Here’s why…

According to The Oxford Program, Career Depression typically goes via three levels:

  • Stage 1: Career Dissatisfaction
  • Stage 2: Career Demotivation
  • Stage 3: Career Paralysis

Obviously, you do not need to wait till you attain the “end of the line” earlier than taking motion!

In reality, in a latest examine on the Australian National University it was found that the incorrect job can truly be unhealthy for you – worse than having no job in any respect!

“…research showed that people who moved from being unemployed into poor-quality jobs were significantly more likely to be depressed…than those people who remained unemployed.” – Dr. Liana Leach, Centre for Mental Health Research

Let’s face it: melancholy is a really actual and debilitating situation for tens of millions of individuals. It causes emotions of hopelessness, temper swings, persistent fatigue, consuming problems and even ideas of demise and dying amongst those that do not get assist quickly sufficient.

That’s why it is so essential so that you can discover out what you might be actually meant to be doing right here on Earth, and which profession you’ll be happiest in beginning at this time.

Why ought to your work be a supply of melancholy for you, when it might be an countless supply of emotional achievement and joyful confidence? You can keep away from having to undergo via any extra years of “quiet desperation” by taking motion at this time.

Why Is It Just $17 $7 Again?!

Ok, we notice what you could be considering proper about now could be, “So, Ric and Liz…if this audio program is as amazing as you say, why is it just $17 $7? Usually programs anywhere near as good as this run $49 at least!”

Well, sure. You’re proper. However…

There are 3 causes we determined to maintain the value so reasonably priced for you:

  • 1. ​After seeing the ends in our personal lives (and the lives of our shut pals) we made a vow to get the “secret of the ancient calendar” out to as many individuals on the earth as we will, as quick as we will. We don’t desire one individual unnoticed, regardless of their monetary state of affairs.
  • 2.  The program is brief and candy: 53 minutes of downloadable audio and seven pages to print out (which can be all about you and your life-style).
  • 3.  And, in case you have been questioning, sure we might enhance the value later. Once we see how properly this goes on the present bare-minimum ($17 $7) we might determine that we have to elevate the price a bit to cowl our bills. However, in the intervening time we are going to maintain it this low so long as we’re capable of, so make the most of our little take a look at and seize a replica whilst you can.

Our “Discover A New Me Or It’s Free” Guarantee

If you hearken to the Power Quadrant System and do not uncover at the least 3 eye-opening issues about your self that you may use at this time to seriously change the way you select your calling, discover your soul mate, or consider enterprise companions in your future, we’ll refund each penny. We know that is a terrific assure to offer for a $7 buy, however Liz and I are each 100% satisfied that listening to the subsequent 53 minutes goes to completely change your life. We’ve seen it occur repeatedly, so we’ve got completely little question it might occur for you, too!

Fair sufficient? Ok, however this is the clincher:

We’re saying this to you from the guts: we do not need you to overlook out on listening to your secret message. But let’s face it, should you go away you could by no means discover your method again right here, and even should you do the value might have modified by that point. Here’s why…

Our Charter Memberships for the Power Quadrant System are ALL SOLD OUT, however should you order TODAY you’ll be able to safe the message about your true nature for a tremendous value of simply $7 throughout our market-test particular. Plus, you will nonetheless get your FREE TRIAL of the Real Life Legends Club (together with 2 free items that you may maintain even should you cancel).


The Real Life Legends Club provides you a “backstage pass” to a tremendous group of self-improvement stars who will advise you each week via our unique interview collection. It’s virtually like sitting down and having tea (and getting secret suggestions) with unimaginable religious superstars like…

Tony Robbins

Unlimited Power

Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations With God

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki

John Gray

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret

Stephen Covey

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

…And 46 extra wonderful self-improvement superstars!

This unique interview collection consists of a complete yr of non-public success “secrets of the stars” – together with a really particular session the place Anthony Robbins will disclose to you the important thing factor that shapes your future (it isn’t what you assume).


Just for taking a free “test drive” of the membership, Liz & I’ll rush you 2 free items that you need to use at this time: the guide Change Your Mind, Change Your Life and an Action Blueprint you need to use to design your dream life and set targets to attain it at this time. These highly effective instruments are yours to maintain – it doesn’t matter what. You can cancel anytime and nonetheless maintain them, write in them, and use them each day!

Why Are We Doing All This?

Simple. We are providing you with this one-time probability to get into this unique membership as a result of we really feel it is rather essential that you’ve entry to the recommendation of those highly effective thought leaders instantly after you uncover your true nature and skills – so you’ll be able to turn out to be the perfect YOU…beginning this yr!

TIP: Membership within the Real Life Legends Club usually prices $39.00 monthly – however at this time, we’re together with one month’s FREE V.I.P entry for you, plus a one-time choice to “lock in” your financial savings at $19.95 monthly (save $228.60 per yr).

  • You get your first month’s entry to the Club completely free.
  • You can cancel simply, at any time you want.
  • This is your ONLY probability to say your membership for practically ½ off month-to-month

Remember, the 2 FREE GIFTS are yours to maintain, it doesn’t matter what. You might cancel your membership to the membership and your entry to PQS and nonetheless maintain them! (But we predict you will need to keep when you see how thrilling life is changing into!)…

If you click on the button beneath at this time, we will assure you the $7 market-test value and a 1-month trial membership within the Club (plus continued membership at ½ value $19.95/month must you select to remain). Please do put your order in rapidly nonetheless, as a result of our market-test interval will come to an finish as quickly as we’ve got sufficient clicks on that little yellow button you see beneath..

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