The star of Chalawa Zara noor revealed, “I was embarrassed for a long time on social media. I had to take it out because if I kept listening to them, I would lose my mind.”

¬†28-year-old told herself it hurts to feel the need for weight loss or surgery procedures because some people think he’s “big and wide.

She also shared that the trolls and their unsolicited comments about weight reduced her confidence, and “it always hurts,” but she never stopped being herself.

“There came a time when I had to tell myself to stop and focus on myself and my mistakes, no matter how big I was,” she said.

Zara also touched on the incident when she was confronted with derogatory remarks from models. She walked onto the ramp, some commented, saying she was trying to be Mahira Khan.

“Mahira is a smart woman, so it’s been a great comparison,” she said casually.


All the criticism she received on the Internet affected her mental state, forcing her to feel guilty every time she ate, so she turned her pity into self-love. And, according to Zara, that’s the way to keep it simple: “If you go out for a walk, that’s fine.

The actress also recently took to Instagram to share her first photo collage against a purchased photo with heartfelt captions that read, “I’m a cruel woman. And I love myself. Take me as I am, or I don’t care at all. I’ll never change what you think I should be.”

Her husband, Asad Siddiqui, Hania Aamir, Mehwish Hayat, and Azfar Rehman, praised her in the comments section for having her body.

Lockdown gave me a lot of anxiety. Zara Noor Abbas revealed that she suffered from severe depression during coronavirus lockdown. Zara wrote about her mental health in her Instagram post, saying she had a lot of depression and stress during locking, but she didn’t pay much attention to it. Zara Noor Abbas is one of those actors who rose to fame in an instant. She is the daughter of Asma Abbas and the nephew of Bushra Ansari. Zara is very talented, like her mother and Aunt. Zara is a talented actress, an outstanding dancer, and she has a soulful voice. In an interview¬† Zara Noor Abbas talked about her love affair with Asad Siddiqui. “There is no such love story,” Zara said.


“My family was looking for suggestions. They were all engineers, doctors, and one aeronautics engineer, and they started showing pictures of the plane on his phone. They were very nice people, but I didn’t want any of these things. Sajal said he had a friend, and he wanted me to meet him,” we meet, I think within four to 5 weeks we make a decision. Asad asked me to go out for dinner; I refused. A few days later, his family came to my house with Confectionery baskets. “

“Sajal is the one who set us up. I think Sajal, Bushra Khala, and a few of my other friends have played a very important role in it.

Asim Azhar and Jasir Hussain also played a significant role. They spent the night planning how they would treat each other with the two waterfalls, “said Zara, about the role of her friends in her marriage.


Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas has disclosed about mental health, revealing that she was diagnosed with depression during coronavirus lockdown.

Zara Noor Abbas diagnosed with depression.

The actress posted Instagram to post an article in which she talked about how being locked down has affected her, given her anxiety and how she thinks it is due to busy work. Later, however, when she sought professional help, she was diagnosed with clinical depression.

she said he thought it was just because of her busy work, but when her anxiety got worse, she noticed that she had a borderline depression.

The actor went on to write that the doctors had instructed him to take medicine and go to the doctor. He followed suit.

Zara Noor Abbas Divorce

Her career at showbiz began when she divorced her first husband. she always wanted to be an actor, but her parents would not let her do so. she was married at a young age, and he moved to another country after he got married. The reason she was married was that she knew that her husband would support her in her acting studies. Shortly after he married, he realized that he had gotten married for all the wrong reasons, after which he returned to Pakistan. He got a divorce soon after. According to him, this one decision changed his life forever.

Zara Noor Abbas Second Marriage

Her second marriage has received a lot of attention because she married fellow celebrity Asad Siddiqui, who had also been married once before. As news of their marriage spread, people began to wonder when and how Asad’s marriage ended. They make excellent couples, and often, they post pictures on social media.

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